Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A little bit of romance?

We've been wanting to share this. And with Valentine's Day almost here,
it's the perfect moment.

Found in our archive of high school and college yearbooks dating from the 30's
through the 50's, this letter and newspaper clipping caught our eye, our imaginations... and our hearts! It seems this young woman, a Norma Fink, had quite the admirer.

You gotta' love his devilish candor. He was smitten!

And he sent this poem along, too. 

Well, in spite of that poem, she appears to have been quite accomplished in her field of law. She became the first female prosecutor in Texas. Later she became an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles. Among her clients were Sam Peckinpah, Christopher Lee and Slim Pickens, to name few. 

And no, she never did marry the man who wrote her the letter. 
You think it was the poem?

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